Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 50

Hops decided to spend the morning redecorating the house. First he dragged and pushed his toy box around the living room, then he dumped all the toys out of it and started tossing the box itself around! Then came the zoomies, round and round the house he went! When he settled down we had him do lots of posing for camera, replicating shots of when he was younger. We plan to do this several more times as he grows up.



Hops is growing bigger!


Hops again had fun chasing Rice chasing a tennis ball. This time Hops ran ahead of Rice several times and not only grabbed the ball but brought it back over one hundred feet! Good puppy! Rice is such a push over. Today when Hops met him half way when he was returning the ball, Rice stopped and did not move on. So I turned it into a recall exercise and practiced calling Hops away form a distraction (Rice). He got pretty good at it and was coming right away by the end (at first I had to call Rice in to get Hops in).



For dinner Hops practiced backing onto a two inch high box, roll, heel and rear cross sit stays. I also shaped him to go around a bar stool for the first time. He did a great job, quickly figuring it out.

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