Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 59

Today Hops had his breakfast in a food toy while he stayed home and kept Ren company while I went to work. Jeremiah came home not long after I left and said they were good for him. When I came home, we all hurried outside to play ball before the sun left us. Dillon and Rice chased and retrieved balls and Hops and Ren chased them! When Dillon was returning and Hops was chasing, if Jeremiah or I called him he ran directly to us, then ignoring Dillon. Good boy!

Later we did a posing session for the camera, including all four dogs in one photo! That included lots of stay work. Afterward I did some say hello work and at the moment Hops is better with his right paw. I ended the session with some handling work which he accepted calmly.

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What good brothers!

Later I played tug with Hops while Jeremiah played tug with Ren. Hops was able to stay focused on me not only to tug, but also to do line ups, sit stays with distance and distractions (me running away with toy, Rice and Dillon milling about and Jeremiah playing with Ren with a squeaky toy, wow!) and recalls, what a good puppy! After that Ren played with Hops for the first time and boy was it entertaining!

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  1. Sure enjoyed the photos and the video. What good dogs. Merry Christmas.