Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 17

Hops played on balance disks at work for breakfast then slept through the private lesson I taught. He was awake for most of my afternoon intermediate class but was well behaved. He even did a rear cross on the flat demo! 

We spent some time playing in the yard between work shifts and then Hops slept through my first 3 evening classes. He was awake for about half of the last class but was again, quiet and well behaved. He did well pottying on leash outside between classes and also did some great heeling and sitting for petting (by students) between classes. 

For dinner Hops had a handling session. He did very well this time, no tantrums! Then I played tug-sit-tug and live toy/dead toy with him then Jeremiah played with him too. He finds many ways to play with his tunnel besides running through it, very entertaining!

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